St. Mark's Museum opens its rooms to visitors with a new fitting out made possible by the extension of the Museum surface between the historic area on the Basilica's vestibule and the former Doge's Sala dei Banchetti (Banquet Hall).

The new Museum itinerary develops through the three main themes of St. Mark property: Mosaics, Textiles, Quadriga and Antique.

The various site sections point out San Marco Museum's history, main sections and more significant art works.
The Thematic Itineraries section displays the location of the art works according to their theme, whilst the Panoramic views proposes exclusive 360-views of the Banquet Hall and the section dedicated to mosaic fragments and St. Mark's quadriga.

[The Museum is open daily from 9.45 a.m. to 4.45 p.m.. For more info call +39 041 2708311 (phone) - 041 2708334 (fax)]


2004 - Procuratoria di San Marco Venezia